29 November - 02 December, 2015 | Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort & Spa, Safat, Kuwait

KOC Organising Committee

Formation of KOC Electrical Power & Water Conservation Committee

As part of company ambition & strategic objective towards power & water conservation within State of Kuwait, the company CEO originated the task force team.  The task force team is also a road map for the company to achieve its 2030 strategic objective that includes implementation of alternative sources of energy within its operations and to conserve the traditional usage of electrical power.

Members of Committee:

  • Mr.  Musleh Al-Otaibi, Manager Operations, Head of TFT

  • Mr. Abdulla Al-Saleh, Team Leader Maint NK, Deputy

  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Obaidan, Team Leader Utilities,Member

  • Mr. Shamlan Al-Roomi, Team Leader Export Opns, Member

  • Mr. Ali Shams, Senior Engr Electrical Maint ,Coordinator

  • Mr. Faisal Esmaiel, Senior Engr Electrical Maint,Coordinator

  • Ms. Rasha Al-Wazan, Senior Environment Engineer,Member

  • Mr. Khaled Muhammad, Chief Multimedia Officer,Member 

  • Mr. Adel Al-Onaizi, Senior Engr Electrical Maint, Coordinator

  • Mr. Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, Chief Multimedia Officer,Member\

  • Mr. Fahad Ebrahim, Senior Public Relations Officer, Member

  • Mr. Ali Al Naema, Controller, Member