29 November - 02 December, 2015 | Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort & Spa, Safat, Kuwait

Saleh Hamad Al Marri

Head of Renewable Energy Technologies Section, Conservation and Energy Effi
Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)

09:00 Qatar towards creative methods to exploit renewable energy sources

The energy production in Qatar is mainlybased on the use of natural gas as a fuel to produce electricity and potablewater. Natural gas is sold to power plants at subsidized prices which is lesserthan the world market prices. The production of one kilowatt of electricity orone cubic of potable water from a renewable energy source such as solar energysaves a certain quantity of natural gas, where it can be sold in the globalmarket at higher prices instead of using gas as a fuel in conventional stationsand based on subsidized prices. Qatar can benefit from price difference betweenthe global price and subsidized price. This is in addition to the positiveenvironmental benefits in reducing the emission of harmful gases, led bycarbon, in the light of the fulfillment of economic and environmentaldevelopment requirements along with the vision of Qatar in 2030.

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