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Supporting Partners

Supporting Partners

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Mr Nizar M. Al- Adsani,
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO,
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Mr Nizar M. Al- Adsani is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

He joined Kuwait Oil Company in 1984, and held several positions before being appointed General Superintendent, Project Management. In 1999 he moved to the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to become Manager of Planning and Investment Coordination He held this position until September of 2004, at which point he became Executive Director, Business Administration for Khafji Joint Operations. In November 2007 he was promoted to Deputy Managing Director (KJO) at the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company. In October 2009 he was named Chairman of Joint Operating Committee at KJO. From 2011-2013, Mr. Al-Adsani served as Chairman and Managing Director of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company

Mr Nizar Al-Adsani received his Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Mechanical Engineering) from South Dakota State University in 1984.

Website: www.kpc.com.kw

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In 1934 the Kuwait Oil Company Ltd. was established by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now known as the British Petroleum Company, and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron Corporation. The Company activities had extended to include exploration operations, on-shore and off-shore surveys, drilling of test wells, and developing of producing fields in addition to crude and natural gas exploration.

As part of company ambition & strategic objective towards power & water conservation within State of Kuwait, the company CEO originated the formation of the KOC Electrical Power & Water Conservation Committee. The task force team is also a road map for the company to achieve its 2030 strategic objective that includes implementation of alternative sources of energy within its operations and to conserve the traditional usage of electrical power.

Website: www.kockw.com

Supporting partners:

KISR is a pioneering, independent, national institute of scientific excellence. Set up in 1967, KISR’s initial role was dedicated to developing three fields of national importance: petroleum, desert agriculture, and marine biology. Since then, KISR’s role and responsibilities have expanded greatly to include the advancement of national industry and the undertaking of studies to address key challenges, such as the preservation of the environment, sustainable management of Kuwait’s natural resources, responsible management of water and energy, and development of innovative methods of agriculture.

Website: www.kisr.edu.kw

Website: www.mew.gov.kw